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Why is my display flashing and unable to increase intensity?


The new Revitive Medic (model 5573AQ) has a safety feature called auto-pause.  To start the stimulation, you must have both bare feet on the foot pads before increasing the intensity.  If you attempt to increase intensity without having your bare feet on the foot pads, the intensity will stop increasing and the numbers will flash.  To resume the stimulation, place both bare feet on the device and increase the intensity. 

Also, please note that during a session, if you remove one or both feet from the foot pads, or if you have extremely dry skin on your feet Revitive will pause the stimulation for up to 10 minutes.  The display will blink on and off and you will hear a beep.  To resume the stimulation within the 10 minutes, simply place both bare feet on the foot pads and press the (+) button on the intensity control.  The timer will stop until the session is resumed.  After 10 minutes of being in a paused state, the Revitive will switch itself off.  (Please refer to page 24 of the User Manual.)  

Note:  It is important that you are well hydrated.  We recommend that you apply a moisturizer to the soles of your feet to help hydrate the skin and improve the delivery of electrical stimulation.  Very dry feet may cause Revitive to go into an auto-pause state, and stimulation will not be possible until the soles of your feet are hydrated.  In this case it will be necessary to apply a moisturizer.  (Please refer to page 21 of the Users Manual.)

We also recommend drinking a glass of water before using Revitive.


Attached is the User Manual and a Quick Start Guide for reference.



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