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Is it good for burning feet and pins and needling on bottom of feet?


While the REVITIVE is not necessarily marketed for neuropathy, that does not mean that it will not help it. The REVITIVE is a clinically proven form of physical therapy that will help boost circulation in the lower legs, ankles and feet. The REVITIVE uses electrical muscle stimulation to cause contractions in the calf muscles. These contractions cause the feet to rock forwards and backwards while receiving various wave form pulses in the legs. In fact, the REVITIVE is marketed as being able to assist people with neuropathy and other diabetic pains in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Australia, and New Zealand with further testing being done in the United States. We offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee specifically so that you can purchase the device and determine if it does help with your condition. If it does not, then we will send you a free return shipping label and produce a refund for you.

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